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The Kingston Buck

August 30, 2016

I am really excited that summer is almost over.  There is almost nothing that happens during summer months that I can get excited about, except maybe fresh garden tomatoes.  There’s no football, no hockey, and no relief from unrelenting and saturating Midwest humidity.  I almost need a shower just thinking about it.  Each year, I welcome fall with an enthusiasm that is difficult to match.  Back to reality, though, and summer is still here.  This means I am suffering from a bad combination of restlessness and being unmotivated to do anything.  I moved my stationary bike in front of the T.V. like a true American so that I can make reruns of Sanford & Son a little more exciting.  Overcome yesterday with the overwhelming desire to do nothing, I infused some vodka with hibiscus to try to inspire myself.  It kind of worked.


Cruising around the Interwebs, I learned that Absolut has a hibiscus flavored vodka.  I have long been a fan of Absolut limited edition flavors (e.g. the mango and black pepper goodness that was Absolut New Orleans) and I truly love hibiscus.  But, in the spirit of being unmotivated, I was not about to drive the 8 minutes to Kroger to get some, even though I looked it up on the Liquor Control website to confirm it was in stock.  Fortunately, I keep dried hibiscus flowers on hand for a variety of culinary projects.  They are very inexpensive and are sold in bulk at Mexican grocery stores, with a large bag often running under $5.00.  Often used to make Jamaica, which in addition to being the namesake of a lovely place to Honeymoon, is also the name of a traditionally-Mexican sweetened hibiscus iced tea which can be combined with rum (or not).  If I had ever had to give up alcohol, I think I could survive solely on hibiscus tea.  It’s that refreshing.  In the process of making this tea, dried hibiscus flowers are placed into hot water to steep for a short amount of time before the mixture is combined with other ingredients.   Is there any reason this would not also work with spirits?  I decided to experiment by placing a handful of flowers into a Ball jar with potato vodka (by FAR the best value and non-wheat sourced vodka out there – Luksusowa – if you know me, you know this is the only brand I buy).  After about twenty minutes, the vodka was a beautiful magenta color and ready to be mixed.  Inspired by the recipe for the Kingston Buck, I mixed it with ginger beer and lime.  The mixture of the tart hibiscus with the spicy ginger beer and refreshing lime juice is a wonderful way to bid adieu to summer.  



What else would you mix with hibiscus vodka?



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