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My Bloody Valentine

February 15, 2016

Valentine’s Day is one of those “holidays” that always gets a bad rap.  I mean, it’s really less of a holiday and more of an obligation to show someone (anyone) that you’re willing to spend a little extra money or time to profess your love to them.  I am actually not certain where the people are that eat this shit up because I certainly don’t know anyone that is counting down the days until February 14th.  This year, though, was a bit different.  I was just out running errands and no less than five people thanked me for my purchase and also said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” which I thought weird because it’s an odd thing to just generally wish someone you don’t know, and I thought the sentiment was also misplaced to someone who is spending the day working.

I didn’t buy myself flowers, but I was over at Fresh Thyme and they had one bunch of organic mint left.  They were just too perfect.  I had to have them.


Anyway, blood oranges.  I had never actually had one until yesterday.  I was thinking of what might make for a great Valentine’s cocktail and that is where I landed.  With some adjustments, I present to you two wonderful blood orange cocktails that are great any day (not just on Hallmark holidays).  I read a lot of recipes, but the two that I tweaked are below:

Blood Orange Drinktini (I completely forget where this came from)


1 1/2 oz. vodka
1 oz fresh-squeezed blood orange juice
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 T. reserved blood orange simple syrup (see below)
Splash of club soda
Garnish: Candied blood orange slice

Candied Blood Orange Slices

Slice a blood orange into slices (I mean come on), and place into a saucepan with 3/4 C. sugar dissolved into 1/2 C. of water.  Simmer for about 7 minutes until oranges are tender.  Transfer oranges to parchment paper to cool; reserve sugar water mixture.  When slices cool, toss in sugar until coated.  They are sooo delicious.


Drink Part

Mix it all up and shake it.  Garnish with the garnish.


The other drink is my kind of drink because it has hardly any ingredients, is classy and brunch-friendly and, did I mention easy?

Instead of using orange juice in your mimosa, omg use fresh-squeezed blood orange juice.  BOOM!

Blood Orange Mimosa

1 oz. freshly-squeezed blood orange juice
Prosecco to fill your glass


Mix.  Rejoice!


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